Poison vocalist Bret Michaels thanked fans for their support after he returned to the Stadium Tour despite not being fully recovered from his recent hospitalization.

The show in Jacksonville, FL. last night (July 2) went ahead despite yet another episode of heavy weather threatening proceedings. According to SetList.fm, Poison performed a seven-song set, shorter than the 11 tracks they've been delivering on most nights of the road trip.

“It has been a rough couple of days for me,” Michaels said in a short video released earlier in the day. “I just want to say to everyone, thank you – it means the world to me. I’m here in Jacksonville and I’m ready to rock. I’m going to give you a thousand per cent of everything I got in the tank right now. I’m not feeling my Sunday best but I’m gonna keep rockin’; I’m gonna burn it.”

After delivering the shortened set, Michaels posted an update saying: “Jacksonville, Florida fans in the pouring rain rocked my world. Seriously love you and sorry I was sick.”

Meanwhile, two Motley Crue members celebrated personal milestones after the show.

Drummer Tommy Lee completed his second full set with his colleagues, as his broken ribs continued to heal. In a social media post he thanked his friend, movie star John Travolta, for providing “energy movement” on his injury and for “rockin with us” at the concert. After delivering his first complete show on Jul. 1, Lee had reported: “I’m back kids!!! Can’t even tell ya how fucking pumped I am to smash drums for the whole show. It’s been really frustrating playing a few songs here n there…let’s go!”

Bandmate Nikki Sixx marked his 21st year without a drink on the same day, observing: “What a glorious life sobriety will give you if you’re willing to put in the work.” He posted his Twelve Steps app update that said he’d been sober for 252 months, 7,671 days or 184,089 hours.

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