It's become an annual tradition for the folks over at Sock Puppet Parody to provide some black metal holiday cheer via their "Immortal Christmas" series. Now in it's fourth year, they've enlisted Superjoint and former Pantera frontman Philip Anselmo to voice the dastardly Krampus, who seeks to punish all of those who have been naughty in the past year.

Titled "Immortal IV: The Banishing," this year's edition has our favorite black metal sock puppets singing to a black metal Santa Claus, "My yearning is to be / On the naughty list / I have hunger / For coal you can spare." Set to the music of Dimmu Borgir's 2007 single "The Serpentine Offering," the performance is rudely interrupted by Krampus, who comes up from the bowels of hell.

One of the sock puppets asks nervously if Anselmo's Krampus comes bearing gifts, to which he replies, "The only gift I pain!"

Realizing they've been "too naughty," the sock musicians are suddenly the victims of Krampus gnawing on their heads. Thankfully, Santa Claus arrives to save the day, declaring, "No force on Earth can stop my aim of causing Krampus pain."

"Axe is slaying / Blood is raining / All is metal and blight," Claus sings. "So hang your stockings and say your prayers / 'Cause Santa Claus sleighs tonight."

Santa's shredding on a festive guitar sends Krampus back into the underground, and Claus thanks the musicians, informing them that there will be no coal for them this year, which leaves them dejected.

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