Today on Segment 16, the guys talk with Bruce Cook, the first paraplegic to land a backflip on a motorcycle about the upcoming Nitro Circus event on Sunday in Grand Rapids. And then, the guys are still mad about Justin's cake hiding.

Bruce Cook was a Nitro Circus performer who was doing some crazy stunts on his motorcycle, when one of them went horribly wrong. He was attempting a world first, by trying to complete the first double front flip on a motorcycle. If you want to pass out like Justin and Free Beer, watch the accident video below. Below that is his successful landing of the world's first backflip by a paraplegic.

Then, the guys are still pissed about Justin hiding the fact that there's been cake in the kitchen TWO DAYS IN A ROW! It's still surprising the guys didn't just abandon him in the studio to go eat.

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