The Michigan-thumbtown of Palms is located in Minden Township, Sanilac County, about 62 miles east of Bay City.

Even though it became known as an Irish community, the village was settled in 1850 by Canadians John Smith & Michael Dyer. In 1881, land & lumber owner Francis Palm was beneficial in bringing the railroad through town.....and giving the town its name.  The town's purpose was to be a postal service, lumber exporter, and railway stopover. The post office was established in 1882, called 'Palm State' and shortened to just plain 'Palms' in 1896.

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During Palms' heyday, the community had a bank, blacksmith, candy store, cemetery, church, elevator, farm implement shop, the Flint & Pere Marquette Hotel, the Forestview Hotel, a third hotel, general store, hardware store, livery stables, post office, schoolhouse, train depot, and warehouse. Today, only a few of those structures exist, including the historic St. Patrick Catholic Church which was built in the 1850's.

The town's downslide came in 1916 when sparks from a train engine started fires along Railroad Street, destroying many establishments. They were never rebuilt and many townspeople sought work and life elsewhere.

This is a very cool little semi-ghost town to visit and get great photos while these buildings are still around.


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