Fox 17 posted a story about a breeder in Allendale that had two 12-week-old Entlebucher Mountain Dog puppies stolen from his backyard overnight last Friday.

The dogs are worth $3,000 as a pair and that why the breeder believes they were stolen.  He told Fox 17 that he left the dogs out in the fenced in backyard overnight to play and use their outside dog house, and that’s when someone came and took the pups.  He also said the pups were very friendly and would run up to anyone and that since he’s been trying to sell the pups, his address and their picture is out on various sites. Which is how he believes the thieves knew where to find the pups.

He also says other breeders have had the same issues and he was warned, according to Fox 17.

He plans to search Craigslist and other sites for the pups because of how rare they are, if someone is trying to sell them, he’ll probably find them.

Ottawa County Sherriff’s office is asking if anyone knows of anything regarding the pups to please give them a call at (616) 738-4000.

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