It's time to enjoy a full circle moment featuring former Ozzy Osbourne bassist Chris Wyse and his current band Owl as the group has covered the Black Sabbath classic "Children of the Grave" and even provided the "Embryo" instrumental that precedes it.

For this performance, Wyse uses his stand-up bass and a bow to provide the wicked low end sound for the Sabbath classic. He's joined in the performance by his Owl bandmates, drummer Dan Dinsmore and guitarist Eric Bradley, as the trio rock out in a dizzying video shot with a fisheye lens as the camera spins around to catch all three musicians. It's a visually intriguing clip that adds to the chaos of the song.

Wyse, who was recruited to Osbourne's solo band in 2004 and played on Ozzy's Under Cover album, says, "Sabbath is one of my great influences. Playing bass on one of Ozzy’s records, and being in the room hearing his voice in an intimate setting, inspired me to cut these tracks."

He added, “We had a lot of fun covering one of the most epic of Black Sabbath songs. It really came to life when I layered bowed bass on top of the track. Dans drums are pounding. Eric’s guitar is screaming and it was magic singing and harmonizing with him. This song is truly a beast with the perfect intro ‘Embryo’ and a haunting spooky outro."

Wyse, who also is a member of Hollywood Vampires and has also played in Jerry Cantrell's solo band, added that Owl plan to release a collection of new music in the coming months bundled with T-shirt and other merch options. The bassist is also working on a comic book and solo album titled Wyse that are also on the horizon.

Owl, "Embryo / Children of the Grave" (Black Sabbath Cover)

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