One of the hardest-hit event categories during the pandemic has been beer festivals, but luckily we're starting to see more festivals hit our schedule, including West Michigan's biggest beer festival since February of 2020.

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The Beer City Brewers Guild has announced that Brews At The Calder will take place this fall. Mark your calendar for Saturday, October 2nd from 4-8pm.

Event admission is free and tasting tickets will be $2.00. Each tasting pour will be a hearty ten ounces and cost 2-3 tickets. For those that frequent tastings and festivals, this is a great value. Most tasting samples are traditionally 3 ounces and festivals usually charge for admission and tickets.

In announcing the event the BCBG said they will also welcome a Pro-Am event bringing together homebrewers and commercial breweries:

This year’s lineup showcases the largest collection of breweries yet with more than thirty participants bringing a lot of awesome beer.


The Pro-Am tent featuring beers brewed for the Pro-Am competition should provide another draw for the festival. Now in its fourth year, the guild’s Pro-Am competition has grown into an annual staple that pairs decorated home brewers with commercial brewers to brew a unique batch of beer...


Ultimately, “Brews at the Calder” gives Grand Rapidians a reason to rally around an industry that’s helped put our city on the map. With all these moving parts set to the backdrop of the iconic La Grand Vitesse, “Brews at the Calder'' represents a real display of Grand Rapids pride.

The brewers currently locked in for the even are listed below:

  1. 3 Gatos Brewery
  2. AleBird Brewery &
  3. Archival Brewing C
  4. Arvon Brewing Co.
  5. Atwater Brewing GR
  6. Bier Distillery
  7. Big Boiler Brewing
  8. Black Calder
  9. B.O.B’s Brewery
  10. Brewery Vivant
  11. Brick Haus Brews
  12. Broad Leaf Local Beer
  13. City Built Brewing Co
  14. DeHop's Brewing
  15. ELK Brewing
  16. Founders Brewing Co
  17. Gravel Bottom Craft Brewery
  18. Grand Rapids Brewing Co.
  19. Harmony Brewing Company
  20. Harmony Hall
  21. Perrin Brewing Company
  22. Pike 51 Brewing Co.
  23. Railtown Brewing Co.
  24. Rockford Brewing Co.
  25. Speciation Artisan Ales
  26. The Mitten Brewing Co.
  27. Third Nature Brewing
  28. Thornapple Brewing Co.
  29. Trail Point Brewing Company
  30. TwoGuys Brewing
  31. White Flame Brewing Co

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