We thought possibly the price of gas may stay high for a long time, right, but it looks as if relief is in sight and we're seeing an easing of the pump pain around here.

Gas Prices a Week Ago

Diesel Price 5 Dollars a Gallon
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Fox 17 reported that according to AAA Michigan, we have actually seen prices drop an average of 10 cents per gallon in the state to an average of $4.04 per gallon, and that's what I'm seeing in my neighborhood. So, I'm feeling better, but it's still a big hit when you have to fill your tank up. Mine takes 16 plus gallons, so at that rate, that's still a $64 dollar hit. Ouch! And, prices are still 30 cents more than this time last month and $1.20 more than this time last year.

Here is another rub. Data from the Energy Information Administration found total domestic gas stocks increased but gas demand decreased, which contributed to price decreases. Say what?

Gas Refinery

Asian woman petrochemical engineer working at night with laptop Inside oil and gas refinery plant industry factory at night for inspector safety quality control.
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So here is the crazy math. If a decrease in demand coupled with higher gasoline stocks continues along with lower crude oil prices. we will likely see even lower gas prices. Fuzzy kind of logic, I know, but somehow it works.

Okay, so, where can I find the cheapest gas around here. As of now Gas Buddy says it's the Lakeshore! Holland, Grand Haven seem to have the lowest prices now averaging around $3.69. Northern Kent County, Cedar Springs, and Sparta come in at $3.68 as well. Kentwood is showing around $3.98 currently, Wyoming about the same. Costco in Cascade is at $3.79, otherwise stations around there, Forest Hills, Ada, are hitting the $4.04ish mark.

Speedway Station in Ada

Grace Rowan/Townsquare Media of the Hudson Valley
Grace Rowan/Townsquare Media of the Hudson Valley

Reasonable drops so far, all except the Speedway in Ada, and that's at $4.39! Right now, that just may be the highest price per gallon in the state!

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