Could this be the most expensive foot photo out there?

OnlyFans user Char Borley claims she sold a photo of a wrinkle on her foot for £15,250 — nearly $20,000. The Suffolk, U.K. native was stunned when she got the request from a fan who had been following her for three years.

"This was a fan of three years. He simply wanted to 'own' a foot wrinkle. It’s now his as he paid for it," Borley told the Mirror U.K.

While many people on OnlyFans expect explicit sexual content, Borley says she has been able to make serious bank on photos of her feet.

But that's not all. Another fan allegedly sent her more than £3,740, or nearly $5,000, just to spoil her with a pedicure. All she had to do afterward was send him a photo of her pampered feet.

"Ever since then, he has paid a further £6,000 for me to get my hair done and another pedicure," she added.

@char.borley via Instagram
@char.borley via Instagram

Another person supposedly paid for Borley, who is in her 30s, to travel to Croatia and Italy, where she stayed in five-star hotels. He simply requested that she send photos of herself enjoying the luxuries.

"I have many who literally like to adore me, it takes a bit to get your head around [it] at first! Now I love and thrive on it," she told the tabloid. "I get many who tip me just to spoil me, and I always send them a personal thank you, but I’ve had many who've done this since lockdown, for about two years."

Some fans don't even require photos. She says three fans pay her £80-£230 every single week "just to keep their queen happy."

@char.borley via Instagram
@char.borley via Instagram

One man even works solely to send her money, and even takes photos of himself working — sometimes while wearing a diaper.

"He claims he is a baby and doesn’t need money, he only wants me to have it," she explained.

One of the oddest requests she has received so far? To ride an inflatable whale and then stab it with scissors.

Although some of her requests aren't explicit in nature, her NSFW content focuses on specific fetishes that typically involve her legs, backside and feet.

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