I own a 2000 Jeep Cherokee, and I love that thing. I have had it for I think 5 years and it has treated me very well over those years. Very little maintenance and drives quite well.

Then my car hit 180,000 miles and it seems like everything is starting to go south.

Let me clarify though, it's not stuff that is preventable, it's stuff that is bound to happen. Like routine maintenance.

  • Front and Rear Brakes
  • Tune up

However, there are the things that REALLY bit my in the butt that were not routine recently.

  • Headlight switch (preventing my lights coming on)
  • Plastic fan & fan housing (bearing in the fan was near to failing)
  • Front end calipers
  • 4x4 wiring (fell on drive shaft and tore it up)
  • Rear differential gasket replacement (leaky)

And right now, after hauling a 1500 pound trailer, my sway bar bushing seem to have torn and causing a massive clunking on my drivers side.

What does this translate to financially? Over $1000...

Someday, I will own a car that isn't 15 years old. This stuff happens I know, but I have never owned a car that wasn't a least 10 years old by the time I purchased.

I will say though, I got really lucky with this car because I bought it off of Craigslist...and you never know what you'll get while on there.

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