Western Michigan's Broncos will not be going to the MAC Championship game, but they sure know how to make their games exciting.

The Broncos were trailing Ball State on the road, 30-27, Saturday when, on the last play of the game, they tried a little desperation razzle-dazzle in a vain attempt at winning.

They tried to lateral the ball down the field as the time on the game clock to an end. At one point, it appeared the Western ball carrier was down, prompting the entire Ball State bench to pour out onto the field, but the referee had not blown the whistle to call the play dead.

This caused the Western players to have to run through about 60 players to score an apparent touchdown.

The touchdown was disallowed for an illegal forward pass, and then the Ball State bench was penalized for delay of game.

The off setting penalties ended the game, as Ball State wins the MAC West title and will face Buffalo in the championship Friday at Detroit's Ford Field.

The oddball play starts at :42 in the video. At one point the announcer yells "it's the annexation of Puerto Rico!" If anyone knows what the means, let me know.

It was the second time a Western game ended weird. Earlier this season, a fake spike play led to WMU defeating Toledo.

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