Grand Rapids Police have deployed the help of 6-year-old Solomon, who was most recently seen on the west side of Grand Rapids along Tamarack, slowing down traffic in his neighborhood.

Well apparently his efforts have worked so well, GRPD asked him to join the police department and help Officers Koldan and Urena in the Kalamazoo and Griggs neighborhoods.

GRPD posted a video to their Facebook page of the three officers doing their thing to bring awareness to drivers in the area, who are speeding along.

Officer Koldan held a sign saying “Drive Like Your Kids Live Here” and Officer Urena held a sign that said “Please Slow Down” while Officer Solomon, dressed in his police shirt and what looks to be a new hat from GRPD, did his dance and whistleblowing, like the first time we met him on the corner of Tamarack and 11th.

It’s cool to see the police department foster a relationship with this young man, who obviously really cares about the community and is showing an interest in police work.

Keep doing good, Solomon!

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