It's not completely bad news, but it's not necessarily the best news if you've been waiting to go to the Grand Rapids Comic-Con "Spring Fling", which was scheduled to happen April 9 - 11, 2021, at the Deltaplex.

Yeah, I said WAS scheduled, because even though organizers were very optimistic in January when they let everyone know about the April dates, they just announced on the Grand Rapids Comic-Con Facebook page that they are having to push those dates to the summer because of the worst villain of all time - COVID-19.

As the post reads,

This is due to the usual suspect and the fact that the vaccine distribution has been a bit slower than anticipated.


So that's the bad news, but like I said it's not all doom and gloom because unlike other shows that we look forward to each year, the "Spring Fling" show will just be moved from April to August and not canceled completely this year.

Put it on your calendar,  August 13 - 15, 2021, they'll be hosting the Grand Rapids Comic-Con "Summer Bash" and then still plan to host another show in November on 12-14th, which was already on the schedule.

Organizers did say on the Facebook post that the "Spring Fling" show will return in 2022 with a date in April to be announced later.

As for the GR Comic-Con "Summer Bash", they plan to release information on guests, the event itinerary, and tickets in the near future.

Let's hope by August, we don't have to revisit this bad news/good news scenario.



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