Nikki Sixx has shed some more light on his upcoming book and new Sixx: AM album.

The Motley Crue bassist will release This Is Gonna Hurt: Music, Photography and Life Through the Distorted Lens of Nikki Sixx on April 12.  This will be the second book Nikki Sixx has written after 2007's The Heroin Diaries, which is the same title as Sixx: AM's debut album.

In an interview with Billboard, Sixx describes the book as a little less formal but still a very revealing piece of work.

"It's definitely not an autobiography," he says.  "I don't write with an editor in mind or critique myself. It's just me shooting from the hip.  Sometimes it's tirades and rants.  Sometimes it's very focused.  Sometimes it's very sentimental and soft and reflective.  Sometimes it's brutal in is assholeishness.  It's all my opinion, and I stand by it."

The companion album of the same name will drop in stores May 10.  Sixx states that Sixx: AM weren't necessarily looking to record another book soundtrack.

"It was interesting how some of the photography and subjects I was addressing in the book started to trigger emotions within the band," Sixx explains, "whether it was personal stuff or stuff we could relate to on a societal level.  I was writing things and talking to the guys, and suddenly everything came into focus.  It was like, 'Oh my God, this all makes sense!'  It's an art project, like one big art project where we just throw up all over the place and look at it later and go, 'Wow!' "

Nikki Sixx briefly talked about Motley Crue.  Other members have said Crue Fest would return this year and the next to celebrate the band's 30th anniversary, but nothing was set in stone.

"There's some stuff we're talking about, but I don't know," he says.  "I really enjoy being off, to be honest with you.  I love when the band takes some time off.  I feel recharged.  I'm starting to feel energized about doing some shows here pretty soon.  We're kind of talking to a couple of people now, but I don't know.  You're catching me in the 'I don't know' time."

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