Sixx: A.M. fans are no doubt energized that the group is turning into a full-on touring band with their recent spring dates, but that's just the beginning of big news for the trio. Nikki Sixx tweeted how much he's enjoyed this spring run with James Michael and DJ Ashba and offered another big piece of news -- a new album and world tour are coming in 2016.

Sixx: A.M. have often found themselves in second position to Motley Crue during their tenure, and even the Modern Vintage album was penned while Sixx was on tour with the Crue. But as has been well documented, Motley Crue are in the midst of their Final Tour and will be ending their concert career on New Year's Eve this year. That would leave Sixx: A.M. as the bassist's primary project moving forward.

Sixx's post-tour post can be viewed below:

In addition to Sixx, both Ashba and Michael also have gigs that have complicated the band's scheduling. However, Michael's producing schedule offers a little more flexibility and Ashba's gig as Guns N' Roses guitarist has included some breaks in the schedule over recent years.

James Michael told Full Metal Jackie, "I can’t remember exactly what it was but I know it was very early on, that we all kind of looked at ourselves and said, ‘Wow, guys this has turned into something more than we thought it was going to be.’ We were just getting so many rewards back with fans reaching out with telling us how much our music meant to them. It has really inspired us to keep going. And so for the last several years we’ve known that we ultimately want to take this music out on tour and just perform it live."

The Sixx: A.M. Modern Vintage album peaked at No. 20 on the Billboard 200 album chart, but has gone deeper in terms of material getting attention off the disc. The band started with the single "Gotta Get It Right," then saw "Stars" become a big time single at rock radio. Meanwhile tracks like "Let's Go," "Give Me a Love" and their cover of The Cars' "Drive" have also received previews by the group. Stay tuned to see how they follow-up Modern Vintage in 2016.

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