Nikki Sixx admitted watching old Motley Crue videos can be embarrassing but added that’s “as it should be.”

In a conversation with Classic Rock, the bassist was asked about looking back at classic band footage.

“I dug into YouTube and was looking at some of the old videos, and I guess it could all be considered embarrassing because rock ’n’ roll is embarrassing – as it should be,” Sixx explained, before elaborating on his view. “[Rock stars] should be ridiculous, we should be outrageous, we should be pushing envelopes and we should be rebelling against each other. We’re supposed to be loud and rude and in-your-face.”

All of Sixx’s descriptions certainly apply to Motley Crue, who developed a reputation as one of rock’s wildest acts thanks to their antics both on and off the stage. Although the band members have mellowed in their older years, projects like the 2019 biopic The Dirt help to keep their rebellious legacy alive.

Asked for his views on the current state of rock music, Sixx was blunt. “My criticism is that it’s extremely overproduced in a lot of cases. It’s Pro Tooled to death, it’s chopped to death, and I miss some of the slop,” he declared. “I miss some of the flat notes. I miss when a guitar player doesn’t exactly come down perfect. I kinda miss some of the nuts and bolts of just being in a raw rock ’n’ roll band.”

Motley Crue are set to launch their highly anticipated Stadium Tour alongside Def Leppard, Poison and Joan Jet and the Blackhearts on Thursday.

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