What would you do if you found a hidden room in your home?  What would you do if that hidden room turned out to be an entire hidden apartment?

That's what one New Yorker discovered in her apartment last week when she tried to discover the source of a draft in her apartment.

Samantha Hartsoe posted a 4 part series on her TikTok documenting her discovery of a hidden apartment behind the mirror in her bathroom.  Yes, you read that right, she discovered an empty apartment that is sealed off behind her bathroom mirror.

There are a couple of things that need to be addressed about these videos.  First, that's some pretty good sleuthing to discover that hole behind your mirror.  If it were me, I would have just given up on the draft or thought there was just crappy insulation.  Secondly, why isn't the landlord renting that apartment out?  He's losing out on a lot of that NYC rent money.

And most importantly...  What the heck is up with that random bottle of water?  That is like a brand new, recently off the shelf, bottle of water sitting on that ledge.  How did that get there?  How you do you sleep at night knowing that there could be someone standing behind the mirror in your bathroom drinking water at any given moment?

The only update we could find was in a story from NBC News where she told them "she has not contacted her landlord yet, but has contacted the maintenance department to fix the hole behind her mirror."

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