Van Halen stirred up some huge news in the music industry recently with the announcement Diamond David Lee Roth had returned to VH and would hit the road soon touring with some new material.

Which brings me to the following thoughts:

* Can Eddie stay sober enough to finish a tour?

* Why is Wolf Pucker...Teen Wolf or whatever the hell his name is playing Bass and not Michael Anthony?

* Will there be any material done off of 5150?

* Will Dave & Eddie pound each other with their fists or other blunt objects before the tour is finished?

* Will Sammy Hagar in a tequila driven drunken stupor commandeer the stage at a random show and insist on performing "I can't drive 55"?????

So many questions - so few answers;

Van Halen's new album, officially called A Different Kind of Truth, is coming out in Feburary and here is the first track off it titled: "Tattoo".  Give it a listen and let us know whether it rocks or not.