Okay, so the new Ghostbusters theme has been released for the upcoming female-fronted movie. If you thought the trailers for the movie were bad, then this new theme might make you want to kill yourself. It is freaking TERRIBLE! Dear Christ, what the hell were they thinking?

This might be way worse than the movie will ever be.

Come on, Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliott? Just end out suffering now.

So, before the movie comes out, I'd like to propose to the company that's releasing the it, that they replace that shitty theme with this amazing version, by Leo Moracchioli. Not only is it a MILLION times better, it is a MILLION times better! And metal AF.

Could the promotion for the new Ghostbusters movie be any worse? It's like they WANT this movie to fail like Lurch trying to dunk a basketball. Like they want us to hate this movie, completely unseen.

If you hate your own movie so much, just don't release the damn thing!