A new bar called Shot Topic has opened in Dallas, Texas — a safe space where emo and scene kids alike can go to prove to everyone it definitely wasn't a phase. Check out the TikTok below for an inside look at the bar.

The name is, of course, a reference to the retail store Hot Topic. Now, instead of hanging out out their local mall, emo and scene fans (who are of legal drinking age) can converge at the new bar to compare band tees and swoop bangs.

Corey Good is the co-owner and creator of Shot Topic with Danny Wilson, Jacob Cox and Colton Kirby.

"We originally played it as a different concept with the name and brand," Good says, according to the Dallas Observer. "My business partners were playing with the idea of the name Shot Topic and I was like, "That was my whole era.' I was on the Warped Tour. I grew up as an emo as a kid."

The design of the bar also pays homage to the store. The wall of the main bar area is decorated with t-shirt displays similar to what you might see if you strolled into a Hot Topic. T.V.s play music videos from bands like the Used and Panic! At The Disco. Patrons can also take selfies in front of a wall of amps.

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