Mudvayne plan to start working on new material soon, as lead vocalist Chad Gray told Avenged Sevenfold's Johnny Christ on the bassist's Drinks With Johnny.

Toward the end of the musicians' hour-plus conversation on the podcast this week, Gray dropped that he expects Mudvayne to soon start the creative process that fans anticipate could lead to a new album. It’d be a logical next step in the metal act's reunion.

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"Mudvayne is hopefully going to be working on some new shit soon," Gray told Christ, according to Metal Injection. Gray also said he was excited to hear Avenged Sevenfold's forthcoming album, and he hinted at joint shows between the two bands.

"I can't wait to definitely get our heads together," the Mudvayne member remarked. "Maybe we could do some touring or something someday."

Mudvayne, the nu-metal creatives who formed in 1996 but split in 2010, got back together last year and played a reunion show at Ohio's Inkcarceration fest. Gray later revealed he had COVID-19 during the gig, saying he was unaware at the time despite having symptoms.

"I think on a level — it's so hard to say I think I had 'COVID Lite,' but I think I had 'COVID Lite,'" the rocker stated in January. "But, dude, it fucking wiped me out."

Mudvayne haven't released a studio album since their 2009 self-titled effort. Gray is also the lead vocalist in Hellyeah, who are now on hiatus.

From Drinks With Johnny:

This week Johnny catches up with an old friend from the road, HELLYEAH & Mudvayne frontman Chad Gray! Johnny and Chad quickly get into the recent Mudvayne reunion, and the challenges that the band faced after a hiatus of over a decade. Chad reveals what led to the group’s break, and how their reunion came to happen.

Chad gets into his time with HELLYEAH, and the untimely passing of the group’s drummer, the legendary Vinnie Paul. Johnny and Chad connect on the emotional challenges of trying to continue on after such a tragedy. The duo shifts gears and get into what the future holds for both Mudvayne and Avenged Sevenfold.

Mudvayne's Chad Gray on Drinks With Johnny - April 25, 2022

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