Motley Crue recently wrapped up the band with a few big shows in LA, ending their Farewell Tour. The band has signed a contract that they'll never tour again, unless they all agree to, of course. So, what are they doing now?

We know Nikki is releasing a couple new Sixx A.M. albums soon, and Vince is doing his reality TV and solo touring stuff...but what about Mick?

Mick Mars has talked about releasing a solo album for a long time, and mentioned different people he'd love to have on the music with him, but so far, we've not seen anything done on it.

Until now.

Check out the photo from Mick's Facebook page, where you can see Mick in the studio with former Motley Crue singer John Corabi. If you don't know, John Corabi was the singer/guitarist who Motley Crue replaced Vince with for the amazing Motley Crue self-titled album. That's my favorite Crue album ever, with songs like "Smoke the Sky", "Power to the Music", "Poison Apples"'s awesome.

I'm more excited to hear Mick's solo stuff, especially with Corabi singing on it!