The Walking Dead may pack conventions just as well as the world of Westeros, but there’s no denying Game of Thrones as the biggest show in the world right now. Case in point, HBO’s epic adaptation has snagged a fourth year as TV’s most pirated series, while newcomers like Supergirl also eke their way onto the list.

Just days away from 2016, TorrentFreak posted their annual list of their most pirated TV (as well as movies), unsurprisingly dominated by Game of Thrones once again, this time at an estimated 14,400,000 downloads. Keep in mind, that’s after the first four episodes of Season 5 leaked via press screeners, and HBO’s attempts to curb piracy by airing all episodes same-day internationally, and launching the HBO Now service.

All told, here’s the full rank of the year’s most pirated series:

Keep in mind that actual piracy numbers from file hosting sites may prove significantly higher, while the list has clearly been skewed to reflect series airing by appointment on actual television, excluding streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon. Also worth noting is that newcomers like Supergirl, Mr. Robot, The Flash (which didn’t make the 2014 list, only first premiering in October) and The Blacklist knocked off last year’s South Park, Grey’s Anatomy and Gotham, while How I Met Your Mother came to a close.

Boy, that Suits is really hanging on though, right?

Well, should we go ahead and call Game of Thrones as 2016's most pirated series as well? Who else might climb onto the list next time around?

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