The internet has some really interesting tools. We say interesting because some are very useful, and some are completely pointless. Thanks to a pretty pointless one called a word map, we know what Slipknot's most commonly used word is in their lyrics.

It's "never."

"Did you never give a damn in the first place?"

"I'll never kill myself to save my soul."

"Insatiates never even bother."

"We were never alive, and we won't be born again."

Seems about right!

A very dedicated 'Knot fan on Reddit put the time and effort into uncovering this mystery by putting Slipknot's lyrics into a word map. Thank you, Maggot.

Other frequently used words are, not surprisingly, "fuck," "hate," "scream," "hell," "die," and "kill."

It's important to note that this did not include lyrics from the band's first release Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat., so only songs released by our lord and savior Corey Taylor counted in the experiment. Even so — that's over 70 songs. See the full results below.

Wanna hear these words live? Slipknot are in Europe right now, but their Knotfest Roadshow kicks off in the U.S. in July. See the dates here.

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