Catharsis. It's a satisfying feeling, especially when the clarifying psychic purge comes from hearing an exceptional post-hardcore song. Is there a particularly emotional post-hardcore track that you put on when you're ready to let your feelings out?

Because the punk subgenre has a way of illustrating and imposing that kind of release, as you'll see in the below stellar examples provided by burgeoning U.K.-based rock act Delaire the Liar, pictured above.

See their cathartic song choices further down toward the bottom of this post.

Last month, Delaire the Liar released their six-song Eat Your Own EP on Rude Records. Loudwire selected the effort's "HALLOWEEN" as one of the 30 rock songs from last year that you shouldn't miss out on.

Delaire The Liar - "HALLOWEEN"

The band calls the EP "a record of dichotomy, a fusion of joy and trauma. A celebration of being together, an elegy to being apart. Eat Your Own is about duality, it's about people, it's about how we mechanize grief and trauma any way we can to stay engaged."

They continue, "Irrespective of the complexities of human emotion, light and dark reside together in one body and we have the capacity for every outcome. Both sides of the coin."

Check out Delaire the Liar on Bandcamp, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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