Monday, July 15 is a Clean Air Action Day for four counties in West Michigan.

Fox 17 reports that Kent, Allegan, Ottawa, and Muskegon counties are included in the advisory.

Clean Air Action Days are declared by the West Michigan Clean Air Coalition when  "pollutants in the air, such as ground level ozone and dust, or particulate, can make breathing difficult for some people."

People and businesses in these counties are encouraged to avoid activities that can lead to ozone formation, such as refueling vehicles, using gas-powered lawn equipment, and using charcoal lighter fluid.

You're encouraged to car pool, delay or combine errands, and use water-based paints.

The Rapid shared to Facebook that fares on fixed routes will be free on Monday during the Clean Air Action Day.

It's also recommended that active children and adults, along with people with respiratory illnesses like like asthma, limit their outdoor exertion.

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