Students in Sutton's Bay will be staring the school year with zero student lunch debt.

Fox 17 reports that The Mitten Brewing Company, which has a location there in Northport, has paid off all the student lunch debt for Suttons Bay School District, amounting to $2,700.

Co-owner Chris Andrus told Fox 17 that community giving has been a big part of the brewing company since they opened and that The Mitten strives to give back in each of the communities in which they are located: Grand Rapids, Saugutuck, and Northport.

The Mitten shared the news on Facebook, saying,

It has been our best summer yet at Mitten Northport, and every day we are grateful to be part of this community.

Thanks to your amazing patronage, we have decided to pay it forward and eliminate all student lunch debt at Suttons Bay Public Schools.

Cheers, and thank you for welcoming us to this beautiful peninsula we now call home."

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