Microsoft and Mojang recently announced that an "expanded" version of Minecraft will soon be available for classrooms, because you can never have too much Minecraft.

The new edition of Minecraft will be strongly based on a Minecraft mod geared toward classroom use that Microsoft has since acquired. The Educational Edition will also feature a community where teachers can share Minecraft lesson plans and provide feedback, and the game will provide greater multiplayer opportunities for classes of kids and teachers playing on a map at once.

According to the Minecraft site's FAQ, Minecraft: Educational Edition will feature "Enhanced maps with coordinates for students and teachers to find their way around the Minecraft world together. Student Portfolio feature, where students can take photos and selfies to show their work and learning. Enhanced multiplayer, where a classroom of up to 40 students can work together toward a greater world in Minecraft. Login and personalization, where students have personalized avatars and feel more engaged in the game and teachers can know who each player is. World import and export, where teachers and students can create and save their worlds in the game."

An official release date hasn't been announced yet, but its developers intend to keep the price around $5 per person per year. Minecraft has already proven useful for teaching kids (and adults) about physics, electricity, math, and more, and hopefully the Educational Edition can expand even further on that.