Guitarist Mike Mushok is currently enjoying the fruits of success from his new project Saint Asonia, but the musician has been a member of two other high profile acts in his career. During a recent chat with Mushok and his Saint Asonia cohort Adam Gontier, we got the guitarist's take on the status of Staind and his time with Newsted.

Speaking about Staind, Mushok revealed that all sides are just enjoying what they're doing at the moment. "It's something that Aaron [Lewis] has to be happy with what he does and right now that's pursuing being a country singer," says Mushok, who adds that Saint Asonia is equally satisfying for him. "This is where I want to be and what we're doing because I'm real proud of what we just made," adds the guitarist.

When reflecting on his time joining Jason Newsted's self-titled project, Mushok states, "That was quite a whirlwind." Even though the project ended abruptly, the guitarist says he's still in contact with the former Metallica bassist and that they talk more as friends rather than directly discussing future music. See his comments in full above.

As for Mushok's immediate future, that is all about promoting Saint Asonia's self-titled debut disc. It's currently available via Amazon and iTunes. Look for Saint Asonia on the road at these stops.

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