Non-Michiganders seem to have a predisposed notion that Michigan, specifically the Metro-Detroit area, has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country.  Well, it doesn't!  Michigan actually has an unemployment rate that is about a half percent lower than the national average.

As of last month (August 2016), Michigan has an unemployment rate of 4.5% (216,398 unemployed persons).  The national average for the month of August was 4.9%.  Michigan ranks 22nd in unemployment, tied with Indiana.  South Dakota has the lowest unemployment rate in the nation at 2.9% and Alaska has the highest unemployment rate at 6.8%.

Michigan is continuing to cut it's unemployment rate throughout 2016.  Since September of last year, Michigan has added almost 26,000 jobs, with only a few months of net loss over the last year.

Michigan Unemployment History

Unemployment Rate
Unemployment Rate
August 20164.9%4.5%216,398
July 20164.9%4.5%214,044
June 20164.9%4.6%221,805
May 20164.7%4.7%226,804
April 20165.0%4.8%232,773
March 20165.0%4.8%232,239
February 20164.9%4.8%232,780
January 20164.9%4.9%237,378
December 20155.0%5.1%243,303
November 20155.0%5.1%242,142
October 20155.0%5.1%241,939
September 20155.1%5.1%242,200


So next time someone says you live in the 'Rust Belt' or that Michigan is full of unemployed ex-auto workers, tell them they are full of it!