Every state has their own little bits of slang that their residents use.  Some slang words are used in entire regions while others can be unique to a specific location inside of a state.

The website Play NJ did a study that resulted in a list of the most used slang words in each state.

According to the infographic, Michigan's most used word is no surprise: "Yooper".  And then if you head over to the interactive map, you will find that 2 other pieces of slang are also commonly said in Michigan: "Michigan Left" and "Fudgie".

Here is how Play NJ defines each of the words:

  • Yooper - A native of the upper peninsula of Michigan.
  • Michigan Left - A gap in roads in Michigan that allow cars to perform U-turns.
  • Fudgie - A tourist who spends most of their time perusing the fudge shops of the northern Lower Peninsula and Mackinac Island.

Some highlights from neighboring states are Illinois's "LSD" which refers to the road Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, Ohio's "Hollin" which is "trash talking" or insulting someone, and Wisconsin's "Ope" which is more of a noise than a word but can be inputted into any sentence, so like the Canadian "eh" maybe?

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