Wait, what!?  According to a study done by CenturyLink, Michigan ranks 46th out of the 50 states in Christmas spirit.  First off, we totally disagree with this sentiment.  How can Michigan have less Christmas spirit than any state in the South?  They don't even get snow!

So, how did CenturyLink conduct this study?  They measured Google searches for Christmas movies and gingerbread houses, checked Google shopping trends for wrapping paper, Christmas cards, Christmas ornaments, and “Elf on a Shelf”, monitored Christmas music streaming, measured the number of tweets about Christmas, tallied the number of Christmas tree farms per capita, and looked at charitable giving.

Now, we're not scientists, but that doesn't seem like an accurate way of determining Christmas spirit.  Maybe they should have looked at all of the Christmas events in Michigan, or looked at how Michiganders spend way more than the average person on Christmas.  And it's not like Michigan bosses are looking out for their employees and paying out over $4 Million in Christmas bonuses...  Oh, wait, that did happen.

We say that this study is not right!  We should be in the top 10 on this list!  What do you think?

And I'll just leave this little gem of a video here...

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