There's nothing worse than having your good mood harshed by a sad song, is there?

In a strange way, it's kind of refreshing to hear about a grocery store dust-up that DIDN'T involve masks, or people coughing on produce.

A Macomb County woman went into the Paradise Fruit Market in Troy, only to freak the hell out when the music on the store's sound system apparently destroyed her mellow mood.

Employees at a grocery store near Detroit called the cops late last month after a 45-year-old woman went ballistic over the song, which has yet to be identified.

But the betting line is wagering even money it was the song they used to play on those rescue dog commercials in the early 2000s.

You know, this Sarah McLachlan weeper.

The fireworks started when she DEMANDED they play a different song, and the clerks couldn't change it, probably because they said they didn't know how.

The woman then started screaming at the employees, who, in turn, called the police to handle the woman, who fled before the cops arrived.

They found her sitting in her car about two miles away, still angry.  She accused one officer of lying, and tried to drive off.  But two cops used their cars to block her in.

They arrested her for hindering and obstructing a police officer, and then let her go once she was processed.  But she immediately walked back into the police department and started yelling at the receptionist.  So they arrested her AGAIN for disorderly conduct. 

Somehow, I think this went way deeper than just a sad song being played, but that's just an educated guess.


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