Apparently there is a market online for videos of women getting themselves stuck in places. But this Ann Arbor resident couldn't get unstuck, and had to be rescued.

I'm not sure where to begin with this story.

Sydney Jo is an Ann Arbor woman who specializes in making 'stuck' fetish videos in which she gets stuck in places, such as maybe getting a knee stuck in a wrought iron fence, and then getting out.

Does that make sense? No, not at all. But men pay two bucks a minute for this service, and Sydney makes her living doing it, so there you go.

Well, last week Sydney decided to delight her fans by getting stuck in a folding chair. Only she couldn't get out. She was literally stuck, not pretend stuck, and had to ask for help on TikTok.

Her viewers told her to call 911 for help, and soon the Ann Arbor Fire Department was using the jaws of life to get the chair off of her.

She says fans of "stuck" videos want it all to seem real, but that getting unstuck is also part of it.  So they didn't actually like seeing her in trouble.

So her following was probably relieved when they saw this:


But still, she said it was probably the best video she's ever done.

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