Are you a Michigan State fan who recently discovered you'll need a subscription to Peacock, NBC's premium streaming service, in order to see the Spartans' Sept. 16 showdown with Washington?

That game will be broadcast exclusively on Peacock, meaning you'll have to fork over at least $4.99 to be able to watch it. That would only get you one month of access, though, and you're gonna need a subscription to the streaming platform come basketball season, too.

Per the Big Ten's new media rights deal, Peacock will stream 47 regular-season Big Ten men's basketball games (32 league contests and 15 non-conference tilts). There will also be 30 such women's games on Peacock (20 conference, 10 non-conference).

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Maybe you're an Xfinity customer and, as such, you figure you'll continue to enjoy the same free access to Peacock you've had for the last three years. Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but that gravy train is coming to an end on June 26. (Xfinity customers, though, will reportedly be able to subscribe to Peacock at a discounted rate of $3 per month.)

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Whatever your predicament may be, it appears that the suits at Comcast anticipated discontent from Big Ten fans over the exclusive-to-Peacock nature of some of the league's games and are offering you a promotional subscription rate.

Right now, you can subscribe to Peacock for a full year for just $19.99. That's good for about a 67 percent discount over what you would otherwise have to pay for 12 months of access. The timing works out so that if you sign up now you'll be covered for the entirety of both the college football and basketball seasons.

Welcome to the future present of college football, where you need a variety of streaming subscriptions just to see all of your team's games.

Michigan State's Protected Rivalries In A Division-Less Big Ten

There's much speculation that the Big Ten will abandon it's division-based format for football in the 2024 season.

If/When that happens, each team will likely have three opponents that are protected. That means that those specific games will be played each season.

With that in mind, we've come up with some choices for Michigan State's three protected games in a division-less Big Ten.

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