Detroit's Rachel Mac and Rockford's Bradley Sinclair were featured on the battle round of NBC's singing competition "The Voice" Monday night. But did the right singer get through?

I may be more than a little partial to Bradley because he's originally from Rockford, which is close to Grand Rapids, but I honestly did think he was the better singer in the Team Nick battle round conducted on Monday's show.

Rachel is from metro Detroit, and Bradley currently lives in Nashville, TN where he's trying to launch his singing career.

The duo sang Elton John's "Your Song", and while Bradley read it straight, Rachel added some vocal flourishes that to me were a little annoying. However, that's probably what "the kids" want nowadays, so more power to her.

The performance was by far the best one of the night, earning a standing ovation form the crowd and judges, and accolades for both singers.

In the end, it's left up to the team captain, in this case Nick Jonas, and although they cut it off at the end, he took Rachel.

I think it's all because she looks more marketable, isn't it?

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