It's hard not to laugh when you hear something like this but real talk, I'd be crying if Trader Joe's ever closed.

The Detroit Free Press reports that residents in Dearborn are scheduled to hold a vigil in honor of Kroger closing. The company announced that they will be closing the store this Saturday (5/18) due to financial reasons.

A customer who's upset over the closure is organizing the vigil which is going to be held in the parking lot. The Facebook event reads

Come bring a candle, a good memory, and your Kroger card. We’ll watch Kroger close while playing some sad songs.

As of Thursday afternoon, 98 people have clicked that they are attending and over 360 people are "interested" in the event. People are also sharing their favorite memories including pictures of the empty store.

Another reason the closure is hitting close to home for some people is the history of the building. It originally opened as a Farmer Jack in 1995 so locals refer to this location as "KrogerJack."

Even though this specific store was facing financial losses, the company has plans on investing $97 million in the state which include opening two new stores and remodeling 11. Kroger is a national grocery chain that employs 18,000 people across Michigan.

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