The State of Michigan is distributing 3.5 million free KN95 masks as part of their "Mask Up, Mask Right campaign" to slow the spread of COVID-19.

They say KN95 masks are similar to but not the same as N95 masks, which are for health-care workers.

Robert Gordon, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Director,  said in a release,

We are urging Michiganders to Mask Up and Mask Right to protect themselves, their loved ones and their communities from COVID-19. Wearing the right kind of mask is important. Today’s distribution of effective masks will help more Michiganders limit the spread of COVID to save lives and get back to normal sooner.

According to MDHHS, KN95 masks, along with three-layer cloth and three-layer disposable masks provide stronger protection. Masks should be worn over the nose and mouth, fitting snugly without gaps.

Get more info at or call the COVID-19 hotline at 888-535-6136.

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