In the funny/not funny column of Segment 16, the guys talk about some small county government buildings in Michigan that are installing panic buttons to help them feel safe from citizens coming in with problems.

This launches a quick trivia game of "Do you know anything about Branch county?"

  • Where is Branch county located? Along the Indiana border. Not Belize.
  • What is the largest town in the county? It's not Springfield, it's Coldwater.
  • Who settled Branch county? John Branch, created in 1833.
  • What is the population of the county? Not 58 people, or even 9,000. It's 45,000.

People coming into the Branch county offices seem to be coming in angrier and angrier, and the staff don't have much in the way of security in the building. The one security guard also works inside the court house, so if court is in session, there is no security in their offices.

That seems like a stupid idea.

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