Two players on the Grosse Ile High School boy's lacrosse team have been sentenced to probation after torturing and killing a guinea pig before a game last year. 

MLive reports that Tanner Coolsaet, 18, and Michael Roth, 17, each plead guilty to the charges against them. In exchange for their pleas, they avoided jail time; Coolaset will serve two years of probation and Roth will serve 3 years. If they comply with the terms of their probation, the felonies will not appear on their permanent records.

The teens are accused of bringing the animal in a box to a team meeting on April 30 before a lacrosse game and "sacrificing" it an attempt at "team bonding".

According to investigators, Coolsaet slit the guinea pig's throat and Roth struck it with a bat. The animal died shortly after.

The Detroit News reports that the team was split on killing the the animal. One group wanted to spare its life, the other wanted to sacrifice it to bring the lacrosse team good luck.

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