I don't recommend you trying this but a Michigan man helped nab a prisoner trying to escape a guard at a rest area.

According to FOX 17, prison officials are tipping their hat to a Michigan citizen who helped out restrain a prisoner who attempted to grab the gun of a guard who had stopped at a rest area in Lapeer, Michigan.

The two guards were hauling a prisoner from the Bellamy Creek Correctional Facility in Ionia to Macomb County in the Detroit for a court appearance when they stopped for a bathroom break.

Michigan Department of Corrections spokesman Chris Gautz said in a statement, that one of the officers and the prisoner went into a rest area near Lapeer just outside of D-town when the prisoner tried to make a move on the guard and try and over power him. The prisoner is currently serving time for armed robbery.

A citizen saw what was going on and jumped in to help the officer and get the prisoner under control until the other guard came over to take over. The prisoner is now looking at new charges being added to his list of achievements.

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