A Michigan man impersonated a police officer and attempted to pull over a vehicle that happened to be driven by an off-duty police officer.

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Impersonating a Police Officer

Police officer arresting a woman with handcuffs

Impersonating a police officer is one of the most ballsy and stupid crimes a criminal can commit.

Police officer delay prostitute
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Many times those impersonating the police are men who target women and attempt sexual favors to get out of an alleged ticket.

weapon and equipment
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Police impersonators go to a lot of lengths to convince people they are officers by purchasing badges, lights for their cars, uniforms, and all the gear that goes with being a police officer.


What is crazy is the forward-thinking a person puts into committing a crime that could wind up being highly dangerous for the person who impersonates the officer. The impersonator has no idea what type of person they are pulling over and they themselves may have a weapon and a reason to want to flee and possibly cause harm to the fake officer.

Michigan Man Impersonates Police Officer & Attempts to Pull Over Off-Duty Officer

Police light on a car of the german police
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According to WOOD, a man in Macomb County by the name of Christian Mansoor was impersonating a police officer and pulled over an off-duty police officer. Mansoor was driving a silver BMW with flashing red and blue lights that were installed on the vehicle.

Oakland County Sheriff's Office
Oakland County Sheriff's Office

The off-duty officer asked Mansoor for his police identification and when he went back to his car he drove away. The off-duty officer quickly notified police that a person impersonating an officer is driving a silver BMW. Mansoor was seen switching license plates from one BMW to his and cops were able to catch him on foot and arrest him. Which puts one less creep on the streets.

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