Metro Grand Rapids will have its first Haunted Car Wash this Halloween season, and it's raising money for a great cause.

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Speedy Wash in Wyoming announce that their location will transform into the 'Haunted Car Wash' on October 22nd & 23rd.

The Haunted Wash will be open each night from 7-10pm with car washes for $16. Speedy Wash has also announced that 50% of the proceeds from each night will be donated to the Helen DeVos Children's Hospital in Grand Rapids.

📷 Speedy Wash
📷 Speedy Wash

Alex Kanaan, the owner of Speedy Wash tells us this about the event.

We will be having between 10-13 people who are dressed up in costume, spread throughout the tunnel and entrance...

If this is successful we plan on doing it annually and doing it bigger and better every year.

So far people seem very interested, considering the city has not had a haunted car wash yet.

Although this will be the first Haunted Wash in Metro GR, Muskegon's Van's Car Wash has featured a haunted wash in the past but does not have the event on its schedule for this year following new owners taking over in late September. In a call to the car wash, an employee stated that they hope to have the haunted wash return for 2022.

So for now, the area's only Haunted Car Wash is here in Metro Grand Rapids.

Want to see how a haunted car wash might look? Check out this video from Sutton Stops on YouTube:

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