Remember Megatallica? That's the thrash-tastic project of YouTuber The Taskmaster that creatively mashes up Megadeth and Metallica songs for the benefit of metalheads everywhere. Well, the mashup mastermind is back with another inventive combination of the two heavy metal titans.

It's called "Countdown to One," and — as if you hadn't already guessed — it merges Megadeth's 1992 Countdown to Extinction title track with Metallica's 1988 …And Justice for All single "One."

Listen to the mashup down toward the bottom of this post.

The Taskmaster's "Countdown to One" is part of a new series of Megadeth and Metallica mashups from the mastermind. After over a year away from the task, the YouTuber has made a comeback with even more ideas. While "Countdown" is the latest mashup, many of them have been collected on a compilation playlist very appropriately titled Killing 'Em All Is My Business.

"In case you didn't know, I'm back." The Taskmaster said this week. "Here's my second new mashup of 2021. I used the mystic arts to pull this song from the alternate timeline where Megadeth and Metallica are one, and released their song 'Countdown to One' off the album And Extinction For All."

In the past, Megatallica has mashed up "For Whom The Bell Tolls" with "In My Darkest Hour," "Enter Sandman" with "Symphony of Destruction," "Fight Fire With Fire" with "Into the Lungs of Hell," "Disposable Heroes" with "Holy Wars…The Punishment Due" and many more.

Ready to "Countdown to One"? Rock out to the Megadeth and Metallica mashup now.

Megatallica, "Countdown to One" Megadeth + Metallica Mashup

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