Definitely one of the highlights of my life was being able to interview the man that introduced me to the world of heavy metal. I can't 100% credit him with that, but when I was younger, my brother bought Korn: Follow the Leader and Rob Zombie: Hellbilly Deluxe, I quickly fell in love with the albums.

I never in a million years think I would be chatting with Rob Zombie.

I really enjoyed this interview because after a minute, I just kinda sat back and talked. When doing interviews, I always feel like I am 'on' and I have to soak in every word. While that is partially true, Rob Zombie made me feel relaxed as I kicked back in my chair and just listened to his words.

A cool thing from this interview was that it was featured on his website, that was awesome.

When I was a kid, I remember Rob Zombie & Ozzy Osbourne coming to the Van Andel Arena for the Merry Mayhem tour. My parents wouldn't let me go because I was too young. I eventually did see him live at the Orbit Room, and it was sadly disappointing because in a small venue, you can't have pyro, bombs, etc. Then I saw his big show at Rock on the Range, and all was good in the world.