Another throwback Thursday! It's hard to believe that this interview is over 2 years old! Mastodon, Opeth, and Ghost were rocking at The Intersection in 2012 to a sold out crowd, and I was given the chance to interview Brann Dailor.

From what I was told, I had to wear the Mastodon mask during the interview...I later found out, that was false information.

See that stupid mask I am wearing? Interesting right? Well, past WGRD employee Dave Kim told me that Mastodon requested that I wear the mask during the interview with Brann. I thought it was kinda weird, but if they requested it, I better do it I suppose.

The interview was posted online and the comment section of the video went wild with criticism, mocking, etc. I didn't care, because I was under the impression that Mastodon wanted this...well, I was wrong.

That a-hole Dave Kim sent me an email saying that I had to wear! Mastodon never did! He sent it as a joke and I fell for it! THANKS DAVE!

It was my fault for not questioning it, but I was still 'green' to the interview world and I took what I could get. I watch the interview now and I get a laugh from it because of how ridiculous it is, and I know Dave still thinks it's funny. So in a funny way, this all worked for the best.

I'll never forget it though, and somehow, someday, I will get him back when he least expects it.