Megadeth's Dave Mustaine, while playing a Sunday show (April 10) in Tucson, Arizona, took some time out to speak with the audience and express how proud he was to represent them given how they had handled themselves. But the speech also included a memorable anecdote from Mustaine, who revealed the rebellious act of peeing on the floor upon a previous visit to the White House.

In fan-filmed footage, the singer started by addressing the hard-working people in the audience, before stating, "I want you guys to know that I've lived through a lot of different eras in the United States and seen different things, and one thing that makes me the most proud of everything here in our country is you guys, the way that you are handling yourselves and the way that… [you do so] as the metal community. There's a lot of people that go out there and they say things and they totally embarrass themselves. And I want you guys to know how proud I am to represent you."

Then continuing, he told the audience, "When I went up to the White House, I was so proud to be able to go up there and say, 'Fuck you. You think we're stupid? We are not stupid.' By the way, when I went into the White House, I went into the royal — whatever the fuck it's called — White House bathroom, and I peed on the floor. I had to .... I had to."

Mustaine had previous visited the White House in 1992 as part of the "Rock the Vote" campaign coverage of the Democratic National Convention. But while that may tip you as to who was in office at the time, the musician has stated in past interviews that he has voted for members of both parties and views himself as non-partisan.

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