Everyone is walking around with earbuds in, or headphones on, and trying to have conversations with people can be tough. But imagine wearing something that helps get your music right into your head, but your ears are still free to have conversations, not get into car accidents, you know, little things like that!

It's here...the Batband!

Why the Batband? It doesn't look like Batman or anything, so I'm not sure why the name, really.

This is an interesting device that wraps around your head, and uses your bones to send music right into your "private inner ear", which frees up your "social outer ear" for conversations and stuff. I usually don't want to talk to anyone when I'm listening on headphones, but if I was at a meeting or conference call or something, it would be cool to have a soundtrack to keep me from getting too bored.

And yes, I know there can be a lot of great jokes about "bone conduction". I'm immature enough to giggle about that even as I'm writing this.

It's got buttons for use with your phone, so you can have creepy conversations with your friends living in your head, and so no one else can hear that you're listening to something with a lot of f-bombs in it, instead of the meeting you're supposed to be paying attention to.

You can support the Kickstarter now if you want, get them when they ship in April, and then start listening to music through your bone.


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