I met Bethany last summer in a Traverse City modeling competition. It was for a tourist magazine called NM3 Magazine. They held a summer "Cover Girl" contest and the winner not only won some sweet cash, but the cover of the magazine as well.

I was lucky enough to land in the top 4 among some pretty hot chicks, one of them Bethany Ryan. I landed the cover but it was definitely a close contest!

I've kept in good touch with Bethany since our contest last summer and when she told me she was moving to Grand Rapids, I immediately realized--"aha!--a perfect alternachick!"

Not only is Bethany a kick ass chick and model but she knows how to have a great time, whether she's rockin out to her favorite band, Linkin Park, or just kickin it with me you can bet there's going to be some trouble ;)

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