A Mama duck and her 15 babies were escorted from an interior courtyard at Grandville Middle School to nearby Buck Creek. 

Head custodian at Grandville Middle School, Kevin Wood, told Fox 17 that he expects the unexpected every day when he goes to work.

"I expect to do a lot of things every day when I come in. It's going to be with the attitude, I'm going to help somebody... or an animal."


After the mother duck and her 15 tiny ducklings were spotted in the courtyard, staff and students were hopeful that they could do something to help the little family. Relocating a duck and her 15 hatched babies was a new one! Wood and Tim Buck, the school's mental health coordinator, set up a path for the ducks. They lined the front hallways of the school with tables leaned on their sides, creating a barricaded path to the front door.

Without a lot of time before students would be entering the halls to change classes, Wood & Buck got to work guiding the ducks through the hallway and out the front door. The ducks were led to nearby Buck Creek, which is just a few hundred feet from the school's front entrance.

Two days later,  the school discovered another family of ducks living in another courtyard. Turns out that Grandville Middle School has 2 interior courtyards, which are apparently prime duck locations.

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